First of all, I'd just like to say
I made this account around 2 months ago but I earned so many amazing followers and tumblr best friends wowowow I love you all so much.
You guys are all great, putting up with an annoying fucked up idiot like me, thanks

After a shit ton of useless thinking, I decided to get rid of this blog because of a few personal reasons. So I've deleted this, right on Torey Krug's birthday just kind of as a final appreciation for him...? (I WAS GONNA DELETE IT RIGHT AT 12:00 BUT I FAIL AT LIFE SO ITS 12:30 DAMNIT) gah idk I'm most likely going to regret all this later but idk I honestly just don't want Torey Krug ruining my life anymore.
I wanna write more but I'm probably gonna get all dramatic and sad so this is it lmao bye

Thanks everyone.